7 samples of how to make a professional resume examples

Your resume/Curriculum Vitae is the single most important document when searching for a new job, it is a matter that how long it is taking to write, the person reading it will take about 5 sec to form an opinion. As well to grab an attention of a potential employer your CV has to impress him too. You have to show them you have necessary skills to do the job. Its a lot to ask but it all it take few simple rules to make sure you produce a well presented, accurate and coincide CV that give you every opportunity to secure interview.  

How to write professional resume/curriculum vitae?                   

Use appropriate title and headings:
  • Be specific to your desired job
  • Highlight and emphasize the good points
Use a Clean format:
  • Do not clutter your resume
  • Be professional
  • Be ordered
             - Personal and contact information
             - Your main objective
             - The skills you have
             - Educations background

Use content that highlights you best:
  • Accentuate your strong points, but don't be cocky
  • Add numbers to your content
  • Example:
                    - Manage customer accounts and company records.
                    - Managed over 500 customer accounts and organized over 1000 company files.

Use "Power words"
  • Create vivid imagery
  • Use a thesaurus and choose relevant words
  • Example:
                     - Assigned jobs to entry level staff
                     - Supervised and directed workflow to entry level staff

Use the hiring ad to your advantage:
  • Include key words into your resume that the ad includes
  • tailor the specificity of your resume to what the manager is looking for

Include relevant Experience:
  • Irrelevant job experience will only hurt your chances without an explanation
  • If experience is not related, try to find a way to connect it into the job you are applying for

Include a cover letter:
  • Allows you to include points your resume cannot explain
  • Employers can get a sense of your personal through the letter
  • Be professional and sell yourself! Now is the time to be cocky.

Samples of professional resume:

professional resume template for freshers

professional resume samples

5 rules of writing professional resume

Curriculum Vitae is never finished, it should always kept up-to-date and tail it with every individual opportunity you apply for. By follow this 5 simple rules of writing professional resume are:


  1. Many students write irrelevant cv that job experience will only hurt your chances without an explanation. The residency letter of intent should be write very carefully because you know it is very importNT TO WRITE.

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