5 best examples of resume tips 2015 doc format

Resume Tips in this I'm gonna reveal 5 hidden secrets on how to write a resume that employers can't ignore. Every one knows jobs are scare as college student it can be scarer not only you have to face all the same challenges as every one else but you also have to deal with not having any real world experience. So you don't know how to make resume and how to face interview through your good resume.
As a job-seeker/experienced every once, first step is to get the interview. And this step can be achieved only by your resume.

So here my 5 hidden secrets on how to write a resume That employers can't Ignore:-

Resume Tips which helps to make your resume perfect:

1. Learn how hiring manager think:
  • "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles"
  • Study hiring psychology.
  • Study the hiring process.
  • Figure out what employers really looking for. 
2. Write with their needs in mind:
  • If you give employers what they want, the'll listen to you. What is the every employer want in your resume well its hard to say because every employer has different position that need to fill its your job to figure out that they want. and here those tips hiring managers generally ask few common questions and here they are:-
                   - "Who cares?" 
                   - "So what?"
                   - "What's in it for me?"
  • Employer care about what they want.
3. Select the format that gets results:
  • Use whatever format that does the job and gets you the interview.
  • Use the chronological accomplishment based resume format.
  • Never ever use skills based (or functional) resume format.

4. Learn how to "word-smith" your accomplishment:

  • Learn how to write hypnotic text.
  • Before - like "typed, performed date entry, answered phones, receptionist duties"
  • After - like "Performed data entry for 16 regional hearing officers as member of eight person office team. Assisted with email responses, distribution, report generation, and payroll input. Helped purge backlog of 1,000 obsolete files" 
5. Learn resume design principles:
  • Having a resume design that is both simple and professional is crucial.
  • Use short paragraphs, bullets points, and wide margins.
  • How you lay out your resume can make people like it before they even read it.

A resume is not merely a piece of paper used to convey your work experience
Its actually a marketing tool used to PROMOTE you as someone worthy of a job interview.

5 best Resume templates in word format :

resume example 1

good resume example

federal resume example

job resume examples

 Resume 4(.doc)

professional resume examples 

resume 5(.doc)

resume examples for students

 Resume 6(.doc)

free resume example

Resume 7(.doc)

The problem most people have with resume templates is the formatting

It can be so difficult just to get the test in spacing, line up the way you want it but the no. 1 reason why the resume templates fail because they lack of relevant content. think of like cooking a meal, you'll have all the necessary cookware like pots, pains, casseroles but if you don't have write ingredient to cook with you can never make a great meal. The contents of the resume works in same way, and the most important ingredients for resume is Keywords, they like the secret sauce, infect keywords are what hiring managers and recruiters are mostly looking for on your resume. Kywords signify the hiring managers that you have the skills which they are looking for. And the majority of people who create their own resume using templates simply don't know what's the most important keywords are! It's like cooking a meal without knowing what the most important ingredients are.
This is the value that professional, High-level resume writers bring to the table             
And crating relevant content with keywords is how job-winning resume are created.Freshers Resume Format 2016 



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