9 best free resume templates download for freshers

As a fresher your Resume is the most Important tool for applying for the job, it is like a ticket to the next level of selection with the perspective employer.
A recruiter mostly takes 8 to 10 sec to select a resume. Within 8 to 10 sec recruiter scans few main points.

Main points which recruiter scans in your resume are:-
  • Name 
  • Education
  • Intern
  • Experience(if any) 

When the job is advertise, the recruiters get huge number of application. So if you want to insure that your resume is not thrown into the wasted of basket but it read properly. Putting together a good resume is not a simple business but you can easily make it easy by understanding the proper procedure of resume.

Some basics tips for freshers to making good resume:- 
  • Presentation of resume
           Your resume should be attention a good layout, a good text and your text should be in the right form which should be Arial or in Times in Roman, with right font size as 11 or 12 in black colour ink. And use A4 size paper sheet rather than any other.

           To enhance the beauty of your resume - use layout, use proper font,use the bullets and tables and avoid doing colouring on your resume it gives wrong impress to employer.    

           Don't print on both side of a paper. If the length your resume is more than 1 page, than print same side of different pages.

            Use big size of envelop, so you can keep your resume flat and unfolded.

  • Length of resume
            Resume of the fresher or with no /little experience should be at-least 2 pages.
Your resume contains:-
Name - Name should be written clearly and bold letter.
Career objective - Your career should be relevant according to the job profile and try to keep it unique. Mostly job seekers copy and paste others career profile and it can be observed easily by employer and it creates wrong impression.
Academic details/ Educational qualification - Use tabulated form for academic details and educational qualification. Follow the ascending order sequence for writing the educational qualification. Like, firstly write postgraduate details than graduation detain than schooling details.
Technical skills 
Achievements - Mention your Achievements which you got in school or in college. It may be state, national or international level. It adds positive points in your resume.
Projects - Give details about your projects which you had done in your college, mention the details of your mentor. And try to write it in brief.
Extra curriculum activities 
  • Spell check
           Spelling should be correct. Before printing your resume must go through the spelling thoroughly. Wrong spelling are like negative marking even your resume is great components, great educational and you have great abilities. But a wrong spellings or wrong grammar absolutely wash down all the good effects.
Therefore proof read your resume again and again and you should try to take the help of professional to arrange the resume properly, proof it the resume and do checkout any missing components.
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