9 best different types of resumes formats sample

In this post I'm discussing about types of resume Chronological, Functional and Combined. There are 3  stander method to putting together the resume. Each method alters that how long working experience presented.         
In this part we will we will be discussing 3 basic types of resume
  1. Chronological resume
  2. Functional resume
  3. Combined resume
A scene of applicants work experience can be presented in a variety of ways:-
  • A chronological job history
  • A list if functional skills sets
  • A combination of chronological and functional skills.

The chronological resume

  • Lists the most recent(or most applicable) employment and education.
  • Present information in reverse chronological order.
  • Best if the work history has little or no gaps.
  • Best when work history isn't too large or too small.

Chronological resume Examples :

chronological resume templates

fresher's chronological resume template 

Chronological resume 2

engineer's chronological resume template 

Chronological resume 3

graduate's chronological resume template 

Chronological resume 4

chronological resume samples 

 Chronological resume 5

The functional resume

  • list the application's most applicable accomplishments and skills (not necessarily employment).
  • Presents this background in groups of "skill sets".
  • Best for long or multiple gaps between jobs.
  • Best for too long or small a work history.

fresher's functional resume template

Functional resume 1

student's functional resume sample 

Functional resume 2

The combined resume

  • Presents "select" employment and education in reverse chronological order.
  • Focuses on accomplishments and skills.
  • Enables tailoring the resume format to fit a desired gaol.
  • Showcases achievements over job descriptions.

combined resume samples

Combined resume 1

combined resume template

Combined resume 2

If you're writing resume format and you're a fresher or an entry-level, how do you write your resume? This is one of the most fundamentals you have to learn so that it is possible to think of a highly effective resume for your job application. Have a look at the following methods for ways on how to produce a good resume together with some issues and fixes you have when writing one to recall.


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