7 best professional resume layout examples and top resume keywords and phrases

In this post I'm going to discuss about Professional resume layout, before writing a resume you all have few doubts like- how many pages should it be? What font should I use? And should I include my age or not? There are thousand of sites of great resources available on the internet. The problem sometimes is that it's just too much information. I can't tell you what template to use, or what content to have in your resume. But in this post I'll share with you some of the advice which professional resume writer follows. In this post I'm going to discuss how actually recruiters hire managers by looking resume and how how keywords, layout and format can help important role in your resume.

Important Resume Keywords 

So what are Buzz word and why are they important on resumes?
  • Buzz words are the most important words to a recruiter in a job specific resume.
  • It's important to have the right buzz in your resume so recruiters can fine you online.
  • Here are some real life examples....

1. This examples are related with the Business Manager(central archive management)


  • BE in engineering or computer science
  • 10 years of related engineering and/or manufacturing
  • experience
  • strategic planning
  • network
  • product management
  • program management
  • business plan
  • line management
  • pricing
  • team player
  • CAM
  • marketing
  • product strategy
  • vendor
  • general management
  • profit and loss
So lot of time these recruiters search according to these keywords.

2. Another example related with senior software engineer:

  • BE/B.Tech/M.tech in engineering, computer science or closely related to field.
  • 8 to 9 years of experience.
  • C++
  • customer
  • hiring/firing
  • prototype
  • structured design
  • code development
  • methodology
  •  real time
  • super vision
  • communication skills
  • experiment design
  • problem solving
  • software design
  • testing

Types of Resume layout

So what's the best Resume Layout?

  • Chronological resume

chronological resume template

chronological resume sample 

Chronological resume layout 2(.doc)

chronological resume example 

Chronological resume layout 3(.doc)

  • Functional resume

functional resume sample

Functional resume layout 1(.doc)

functional resume template 

Functional resume layout 2(.doc)

  • Combination resume

combinational resume template

Combinational resume layout (.doc)

combinational resume template for students

Combinational resume layout 2(.doc)

I know the writing the resume is very time consuming but I hope that this post helped you so that you can focus your valuable time on the content of the resume - so that you can get the job you are looking for. In this post I showed How to write a professional resume, which type of layout should used, which keywords should included in your resume so that your resume can get the attention of employers. And also which format should be the best for your resume. If you focus on these points you can easily write your best professional resume. 7 best CV designs which help writing a resume tips for 2015 


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