7 best CV designs which help writing a resume tips for 2015

7 best CurriculumVitae designs are provided in this blog post so that we will be able to provide few amazing CV templates which you can use to make your CV look much professional and attractive. Your resume is the most important tool. CV should very simple, professional and very lean type of CV which just contain personal and professional type of information. Before writing resume you should check whether you are applying to school, or for any job application and look at what an job employer looking at and try to add some of the mimic of the language which they are looking at their requirements on your resume.  

In this post, you will:
  • Learn what makes a resume/CV effective
  • Become familiar with three different resume formats
  • Increase awareness of the most common sections of a resume
  • Being creating an initial resume draft.

What is resume/CV?

  • Comes from the French, meaning "summary"
  • Provides a quick summary of your experience, skills and abilities
  • Also a marketing document, when you think about marketing a product you need to know three basic things:-
                  1. What is the product?
                  2. Who is the consumer?
                  3. How will the consumer benefit from the product?
Similarly while writing a resume you need to know -
                 Product = You
            Consumer = employer

  • What are your skills, experience, abilities?
  • What is the nature of employer's organization?
  • For what type of position are you applying? 
How can you benefit the employer?
  • The more you know about the employer and position, the better you can decide which of your skills and experiences are relevant.
Resume reality: Designed to get you an interview

The effective resume 
  • A tailored document
  • Written for a specific audience
The resume should look great
  • No longer than one page in length
  • Free of typos or grammatical errors
  • Uncluttered and contain a balance of white space
Common sections of the resume
  • name and contact information
  • objective statements
  • Education
  • Experiences
Other possible sections
  • Honors
  • Related coursework
  • Volunteer
  • Technical skills
  • Activities
Resume formats
Different resume formats help bring the most relevant information closer to the TOP of the document.

Chronological resume

  • Most frequently used
  • Most effective when you have had uninterrupted work in the same field to which you are applying
  • Organized in reverse chronological order
Experience section - Chronological format
  • List your most recent experience first - Both paid and unpaid experience can be included
  • Consider including: intern-ships, related part time or summer jobs; officer or leadership positions; long-term, related volunteer positions 
Resume phrases
  • Are brief summaries of what you accomplished in your positions
  • It is not necessary to list all of your duties
  • For your initial drafts, consider including everything you can remember about positions - these Will be tailored for specific positions.
  • Are initially concise - Do not include words like a, or,the an
  •  When writing your phrases, start with a past tense, active verb: 
                  - Coordinated
                  - Assisted
                  - Summarized
                  - Researched 
                  - Communicated

chronological resume template

chronological resume sample 

Chronological resume 2(.doc)

reverse chronological resume

 Chronological resume 3(.doc)

Combination format

  • Favourite among college students
  • best used if you are entering a job market for the first time
  • Emphasizes SKILLS
  • Places titles at the bottom of the resume
Experience section - combination format
  • Combination format is easier to write when you:
              - Already have a job target
              - Have written a chronological formate resume
  • If you have job target and have written a complete objectives statement, you will have already selected two or three skills to highlight for the employer
  • These skills become the section headings for the Experience section of the Combination format resume

combination resume template

Combinational resume 1(.doc) 

combination resume sample

Functional format

  • Very similar to combination format
  • Does not include position titles
  • Best used when re-entering workplace after along absence

functional resume template

functional resume sample 

Functional resume 2(.doc)

How to submit a resume professionally

Resume submission
Ask the employer for their preference.

Electronic submission
  • Increasing numbers of employers prefer resumes be submitted electronically
           - by attaching the resume to an e-mail
           - uploading the resume to an employer's or third party 's website

Common electronic formats
Using MS Word - 
The pros are -- Most employers will be able to open and read your document - no conversion is necessary.
The cons are -- Your resume may appear differently than it did when you created it.5 free cover letter templates for resume and 10 best resume writing tips



  1. To design a perfect cv you need to remember about writing residency thank you letters with special way. These skills become the section headings for the Experience section of the Combination format resume.

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