5 free cover letter templates for resume and 10 best resume writing tips

In this post I'm gonna give 10 cover letter tips making yourself irresistible to employers, most employers go their whole life without reading another resume if it feel up-to them, if they non hurried to hire the last thing they want to do with their time is to picking with anonymous resume. The cover letter gives you a quick chance to tell them why they should take a closer look to your resume.          

5 free cover letter templates for resume

  •  If you've got connections, use them
  •  Never address "To whom it may concern"
  • Keep it conversational
  • Brag about yourself
  • Always talk about your achievements
  • Don't just parrot the resume
  • Don't come across as a Harvard prude, even if you are one
  • Email letter should be short and sweet, like a one night stand
  • Attack them from all angles
  • Don't be weak

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10 best resume writing tips 

1. If you've got connections, use them:
  • Name -dropping works. If you have mutual contacts them employer will give you several chances. So use mutual connections.
  • Humans are ethnocentric creatures, which means they hesitant to introduce anyone with their world that they don't know.    
  • Establish a connection, and more likely to take a chance on you.
2. Never address "To whom it may concern":
        Even if the employer know that you don't know them..
  • Saying their name gets their attention, as if the letter actually written for them that makes it more personal.
  • If you get their name "It shows you care about the position and are willing to do some homework".  
  • Avoid 1-size-fits-all spam tactics.
3. Keep it conversational: 
  • Show some personality in your cover letter.
  • People feel like you have report even if you've never meet.
4. Brag about yourself:
  • Your chance to put it out there.
  • Tell them why you're the man or woman for the job.
  • Be more specific, tangible, and measurable that better.
5. Always talk about your achievements:
  • They don't just want another employee, they want the best!
  • Achievements mark you as a high-value individual. 
  • Use bullet points to cover more space.
6. Don't just parrot the resume:
  • Your cover letter though short and simple as an asset.
  • Don't write exactly what is on the resume.
  • Its the first thing they see, make it count.
7. Don't come across as a Harvard prude, even if you are one:

  • No one wants to work with a pompous ass.
  • Write like a kindergarten.
  • Be clear and simple.
8. Email letter should be short and sweet, like a one night stand:
  • Long emails waste of time that could better waste time on face book, once they open your resume they decided to invest time in you.
  • They are psychological prepared for more information.
  • "Everything should be as simple as it is, but not simpler."
9. Attack them from all angles:
  • Send the resume as an attachment and an email.
  • Point it out.
  •  You r the type of person who make their life easier and not harder.
10. Don't be weak:


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