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Today we are going to have a look at how to write a CV with no experience but first why do we call why ruthless because it is such as ruthless effective career and resume system that we decided to call it the name ruthless now with any career development any resume writing any job change any promotion a resume is the foundation or any successful career change or career growth that's how approach the resume process doesn't matter if you are looking for a new job or if you are issue are looking to get a promotion or a pay raise the place you need to start is with your resume because your CV gives you that framework all very clearly articulating your career experience your personal strengths, so your resume is the place to start even if you're not looking for a new job even if you are just looking for a promotion the same process applies.
Now jump into specific scenario of writing resume, if you think you have no experience you actually do have lot of experience keep in mind that a recruiter only they really want to get to know you so they want to know if your aptitude, if your attitude sure added she going to fit the position and if they can see that from you resume from past things that you have been involved in the actions past projects even if it was at school or even it was at casual work if you're attitude in your aptitude is right for the job that's what they want and from there on they are going to read your resume as story they want to know you and let you know your story want to know to know how you made decisions in the past how you're going to work in a team are you going to be a team player, are you going to fit with what company expects are you going to be assets to the company.     

How to write a resume with no experience

Implement these top tips

Most important!!
The recruiter wants to read your resume and feel they are getting to know you.
                 You want to avoid the wrong jobs as much as get the right job.

That is the very very important part and we tend to forget that because remember now if you make a decision to join a company to take a job that is a five year commitment or at least a two year commitment, you cannot go and work for a company for a year it gonna look bad on your resume so keep in mind that you make this commitment it is life-changing commitment that you make so you have to write your resume with this in mind even if it's a little bit tough.  

Life, school, small jobs your experience to date....
  • list the past things you invested your time in.
  • These are strong indication of how you will choose and behave in the future.
  • Look at life to date in family, school, hobbies, where you loved the work you did, these are very important indicators of what work will come to you naturally especially in a space where if you just finish your studies.
 what kind of work did you enjoying when you were studying you have to be very specific in that, show the recruiter where you enjoyed your work, where you excelled, where you did something different they want to see that.

Know your industry and company (Research, identify and understand)
  • Talk about what industry excites you, write it down.
  • Use the internet sites who gives you great information on which industries out there.
  • Find companies in that industry and define what about this company and the  work they do excites you.
  • Show how you relate to this work they do.
  • Show the recruiter that you are passionate
The most important part of writing your resume is going to do you research you need to understand the industry and then you need to understand the company for each company you apply for at different companies you are going to have to you tailor make your resume to fit that company and the position you're applying for. The things they scan for are keywords and the keywords used in a company needs to be reflected in your resume.

5 best resume Samples:

Resume must be clear on personal traits 

(Your strengths show your aptitude)
  • Where were you most comfortable?
  • Did you enjoy working with things more?
  • Did you enjoy working with people more?
  • Do you enjoy detail, facts or bigger ideas?
  • Give specific situations and facts to give the recruiter comfort. Do not just talk "in general" about your life.
  • The recruiter wants to get to know you to see if you will fit this job.
Why should you add hobbies? (Hobbies show the way you work)


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