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In this post I would like to write about how to write a chronological resume, the format for a chronological resume. If your last job of your last position to present job is very similar to the kind of job that you're looking for, then the format that you'll choose is the chronological resume. Your chronological resume goes like this, You start with your name and identification, so name, address, and that kind of stuff. this is then followed by your profile, this highlights your key skills accomplishments to market you to your position. The next part identifies your last job or this might your present job and your present or last company that you worked for. Underneath here, you'll identify the key skills and accomplishment that you have achieved during this place of employment. You don't list everything that you have ever done. You choose the key skills and accomplishments that are going to market you to your job goal and list them under this last job. After this, you would go to this 2 or 3 times, and start in the present and work backwards. After this section, another section is for education, actually it's optional of things you can have after that. The key components of a chronological resume that need to be included, your name and identification, your profile, your employment history, and your education. These are the 4 key components of a chronological resume.                        

How to write chronological resume

  • There are three widely used resume formats.
  • The first, and most common is reverse chronological order. It highlights your work history (when, what and where)
  • Second, Functional or skilled based, which focus more on what  can you do not where or when you did.
  • Third is hybrid, commonly known as combination, because it takes the advantages of both a functional and reverse chronological order formats.

Examples of chronological resume:

chronological resume example

chronological example for students 

Chronological resume 2

chronological example for graduates 

Chronological resume 3

Reverse chronological resume   

The reverse chronological format focuses on what you are working today. It is easy to follow and suggests your work history has a progressive configuration.

The list below suggests advantages to using a reverse chronological resume:

  • This format highlights the years and experience you have with specific companies, draws a time line.
  • Does not leave the hiring manager wondering when/where the experience came from, supporting facts verses deception.
  • Reflects an understood progression of work history.
  •  Great when trying to influence based off your previous employers reputation.
  • Details what your responsibilities were at each position held. 

  • 1-2 pages
  • If you are a professor, inventor or scientist a curriculum vitae is what will need to compile. 
  • C.V are much longer
  • White space is important on the resume. It allows the eyes to focus and to not over stimulate the reader.
  • Use bullet points
  • Font
               - Not too large, not too small
               - Consistent throughout
               - Not too fancy

  • Name 
  • permanent address 
  • phone number- Create a clean, professional voice mail
  • Email address- Keep it professional

  • If you are a recent graduate, your education should be listed at the beginning of your resume.
  • If you are seasoned professional, your education will be at end.
  • List education institution, followed by the name of the degree and the major.
  • Include CGPI if its good  as well as academic honers
Work history
  • Job title
  • Nome of organization, and, if applicable, division
  • Work location(city, state)
  • Dates (month/year)
  • Accomplishments / responsibilities

               Yes or No
                   career change - yes
Use a summary of qualifications to make a powerful statement. It will not only show the hiring manager what you achieve but they will understand how you would benefit them as well.

A lot of time and energy need to be focused on the skills and accomplishments within each place of employment. All of your skills and accomplishments within each place of employment should validate the key points in your profile. So, if in your profile you said you had 10 years experience in marketing and sales, through this process I need to add up to 10 years experience in marketing and sales, so that the whole resume cross references with it self and presents your skills in a way that you will market you to your goal. Visit to next post...3 best examples of a functional resumes samples


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