3 best examples of a functional resumes samples

In this post I'm going to tell you about writing a resume and there are several different formats to write a resume. In post I'm going to tell you about functional resume. there are some general tips when you're writing a resume. The 1st step is: use reverse chronological order. Make sure you keep all of your "tenses" consistent. you don't need to put "References on Request" on the bottom of your resume, if an employer wants to know they'll ask you for those. Don't include your high school information on it. Avoid using the word "I" on your resume. Make sure that you keep it easy to read and very organized. Use bullet points and point out the best examples about you that are related to the job position. So, within this format, you're going to be able to have the best things about you that are related to the position. Its really important to make sure that your skills, your abilities, your coursework, everything that you're doing, is related to the job position.  

Before explaining Functional resume let highlight few questions

  • Do you love your current job?
  • Are you currently working in the field you want to work in after college?
  • Have you been working full or part time without any gas in employment?
  • Do all (or at least most of) the jobs in your work history relate to the position you are applying to now?
  • Can you truthfully tell your next employer that you have been fired?
If you answer "no" to any to those questions, you may not be using the proper resume format.
A resume does not have to be a chronological list of the jobs you have done.

Functional resume

  • Organized around areas of competence
  • Good choice for people with limited work history
  • Good for people going into a new employment field
  • Downplays periods of unemployment, job-hopping etc.
Functional resume divides your experience by skill set using the job posting for help.

Examples of Functional resume:

functional resume example for freshers

functional resume samples

Functional resume 2

functional resume template

Job posting
This position is responsible for coaching the home services sale staff. The coaching will be one-on-one and will be held in the working field. The right person will be responsible for increasing individual and company sales volume. You will serve as a liaison between consumers and the sales staff to increase sales conversion.

Skills highlighted are important to the employer:

  • understand the  process for effective implementation of training programs. Demonstrates the experience necessary to be successful.
  • Needs Assessment - Demonstrate the knowledge of the process for identifying customer needs and gaps related to training, including how to prioritize.
  • Analytic skills - Demonstrates a process for analysing problems/issues. Ability to identify trends and reach conclusions/decisions.
  • Strong facilitation skills - Hold's people attention when speaking; speaks clearly and concisely; communicates without jargon; delivers effective, high-impact presentations.
  • Computer skills - Microsoft office/vision/adobe/database management/internet.

In my experience, most college students start by creating a chronological resumes.
However most college students should use the functional style of resume because they...


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